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We are engaged in a relentless struggle against unyielding organizations that tirelessly champion the medical transition of young ones. Their driving forces are dual-pronged: the considerable monetary benefits reaped from pharmaceutical corporations, and the zeal of activism.

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TransRegretters, under the leadership of transman HERO Scott Newgent, stand as a formidable ally to challenge these colossal titan entities. We steadfastly refuse to demand payment for lending our voices to children's causes and it is through generous donations that we can continue this vital work.

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Motivational Speaker, Transgender Health Educator, Writer, Blogger, Social Media Influencer & All Around Powerhouse With The Tools To Actually Change Hearts & Minds

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Watch Transman Scott Newgent

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Transman Scott Newgent

Accidental HERO of Matt Walsh's 'What is a Woman.

Activist,  Public Speaker, Author, Writer, Transgender Health Specialist & Mother of Three

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Some can desist

Some can detransition

& Some are Stuck!

Because Some Scars Don't Heal!

We Are The Trans Regretters!

Join The Community That Is Saving Children!

Hi! We Are The TransRegretters

The last seven years have seen increased prominence of transgender ideology in the media, showcasing both positive and negative aspects of this trend. While there are success stories related to medical transition, achieving 100% success is rare, and some individuals regret some or all of the changes associated with medical transition. In the past two years, there has been a broad range of labels used to describe the diverse experiences of individuals undergoing medical transition.

Trans man Scott Newgent, featured in Matt Walsh's documentary 'What is a Woman,' found that a significant portion of the transgender community is being overlooked. This group represents a large proportion of people who have begun the medical transition journey.

The truth is that most people who start medical transition experience varying levels of regret after starting medical transition, ranging from regretting one aspect and wanting to do things differently to realizing they will never pass as their birth gender. The reality is that life is usually grey, not black and white.

Some Can Desist. Some Can DeTrans. Some Are Stuck.


Transition Success: People who have started medical transition and found it beneficial to their journey through life have no regrets, are 100% satisfied, and would make the same choices again.


Desister's: People who started social transition but had not begun medical transition have since ceased.


Detransition: Started medical transition, stopped taking cross-sex hormones, and started on the journey back to appearing as their biological sex.


TransRegretters: Some can desist, some can detrans, but some are stuck with the decision they made to medically transition and regret at all varying levels.


Meet The TransRegretters: gives a platform to regretters at every stage of regret.


JK Rowlings

'Scott You have been a hero of mine for

quite some time.'

Matt Walsh

Scott Newgent is the hero of the film. Such a remarkable contrast between the raw openness and honesty in this interview and the evasiveness and defensiveness from the “experts” I spoke to.


Watch the full film at

Have you noticed... 

has divided and created subtribes alienating further & wider?
And what makes up these subtribes?
The Leaders & Influencers.

What if these leaders and influencers have a sole purpose to keep us all divided

Benefiting them, by placings blinders on you?

On Your Logical Thinking.

So, how do you understand the complexities of issues people perceive as human rights issues.


How do you truly understand what is happening regardless of what subtribe you have been thrown into?
That's where

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At a turning point in my life, I found myself ready to abandon trying to conform to society's expectations. It had never been something I excelled at nor desired, and now I was on the verge of embracing my uniqueness. But then, the transgender movement gained momentum with Caitlyn Jenner's public coming out and Jazz Jennings' rise to fame on reality TV. Suddenly, there was a glimmer of hope that maybe I could find acceptance too - as a confident and assertive lesbian woman trapped in the wrong body.

The dream of fitting in was enticing and so I embarked on my own journey of medical transition.


After ten years, seven invasive surgeries, a persistent bacterial infection lasting 17 months, 15 hospital stays, an additional seven procedures, a heart attack induced by anxiety, severe pulmonary embolism and sepsis, a disabled arm, a botched surgery below the waist, and the loss of everything I had ever strived for - I lifted my gaze from the brink of mortality, PTSD, and much more. In that moment, I recognized the glaring misdirection within the medical community when it comes to transitioning children. This realization sparked a fiery mission within me to confront and expose any politician, doctor, or celebrity who perpetuates the falsehood that these transitions are life-saving.


The truth is starkly different - medical transitions can have a devastating impact on one's life, not life saving but life taking!


Hi! I am Scott.

To Save Gender Confused Children

We First Have To Change Hearts & Minds

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But Prefer together.
Pick Leaders Who Can Stand Alone

Embrace other opinions. Listen. Learn. Educate or Be Educated
Be Willing To Learn & Be Wrong

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Embrace Debate. Learn To Love The Uncomfortable Zone
Put people together who believe differently.

You want to STOP childhood medical transition?
Scott Can Show
You How!

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Are you ready to uncover the truth about gender ideology? Do you want to inspire and influence others? Look no further, because Scott is here to help you!

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