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Get to know trans people, the real trans living day to day, what they believe, and how they feel. You will find that most older trans people believe what is happening to kids, and transgender ideology is hurtful. The media leaders you currently see do not represent most trans people.

Reality Is Not Bigotry

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Trans Woman

Rene Jax - A Trans Activist Making Waves With Reason An Logic.

Author, philosopher, lecturer.

I'm not the first person to wish life came with an instruction manual. I openly confess to being a stupid child, and have through a natural curiosity built a solid foundation of knowledge under my life. But the more I learn and understand, the more I know that I know nothing.

I have studied and practiced all of the world's great religions, yet I know less now about the true nature of God and the divine than I did when I was a barbarian.

So I keep looking, keep learning, keep trying to understand myself and the world I live in. My books are not milestones, but are instead mileage markers to indicate the distance I've traveled.

I hope you enjoy the journey with me.'

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Rene Jax

Scott Newgent

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