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Get to know trans people, the real trans living day to day, what they believe, and how they feel. You will find that most older trans people believe what is happening to kids, and transgender ideology is hurtful. The media leaders you currently see do not represent most trans people.

Reality Is Not Bigotry

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Trans Man

Aaron Kimberly - A Trans Activist Making Waves With Reason An Logic.

Aaron has been a mental health clinician since 2008 after 15 yrs as a graphic designer. He lives in Canada, with a banjo on his knee. He medically transitioned in 2006.

"I’ve had gender dysphoria (GD) for as long as I can remember. At least since age 3. I was raised female, but when I was 19, I was diagnosed with a rare intersex condition called an otovestibular disorder of sex development. I think my GD is related to that, though I have no way of knowing for sure. I tried to live with my GD as a young adult and identified as a lesbian, though it never felt right to me, and I wasn’t happy. I experimented with ways to express my masculinity. I changed my name to Aaron when I was 22."

Aaron runs GDAC in Canada to bring awareness about the OTHER side of trans.

You know the sane side.




TReVoices Contributions:

A Butch Lesbian Transitioned Into A Transman -"Gender Ideology Hurts More Than It Helps"


Latest Work:

Transparency Podcast With Guest 'Kathleen Stock'

Aaron Kimberly

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