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Get to know trans people, the real trans living day to day, what they believe, and how they feel. You will find that most older trans people believe what is happening to kids, and transgender ideology is hurtful. The media leaders you currently see do not represent most trans people.

Reality Is Not Bigotry

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Trans Woman

Toni Roche-Simmons - A Trans Activist Making Waves With Reason An Logic.

I'm a fully transitioned transsexual who had my surgery nine years ago. I began this journey in my early 20s. I waited until I was 48 because I was indifferent to relationships. I remained until I could wait no longer.

Now I'm 57 and finally content with my life. I'm studying psychology.

What I went through was the right thing for me. I asked questions. I changed my mind several times when I was younger.

This is why I disagree with medically transitioning for children. It is a life-changing, life-limiting journey.

Toni remains a constant within the confines of social media, always speaking her mind and taking the abuse that comes with it. This is key; people don't understand how bad we are attacked by trans radicals bombarding and brutally. The trans who do not give in to the radical ideas of transgender ideology and queer theory are ostracized verbally assaulted from all sides, a pack ripping us tp head to toe. Not just trans radicals, from extreme feminists, religious, homosexual, It's tuff to step outside the lines and say what you believe anyway.

Toni does this.

JK Rowlings noticed one day and gave her encouragement, a fresh air breath and soothing the soul.

Toni came to be found on social media and one I recommend highly.

-Scott Newgent

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Toni Roche-Simmons

Scott Newgent

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