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My Aunt Gail Renick 20/20-Special 'Model Killed By A Cult' Reminds Me Of The Trans Cult

Dernière mise à jour : 14 févr. 2022

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My Aunt Gail Renick 20/20-Special 'Model Killed By A Cult' Reminds Me Of The Trans Cult

Geraldo helped my Grandad take down the cult that murdered my Aunt. I remember my Aunt so clearly and the fight my grandfather took on, and his 'Until' attitude seared within my soul. Our lives are filtered with so many things that connect us to our path. But, I have never felt on the right path until the devastation of medical transition and how it forced me to understand all the lessons that led me here.

My Aunt? My Grandfather?

Who knew that tragedy would solidify me into understanding that no matter how much I want to walk away, no matter how scared I get, no matter how hard things become, no matter how many attacks...Some things our 'Until' tests we are given in life.

This morning as I was pushing my kids out the door, my baby son (now a teenager) turned around, took a big breath, and sighed. And I froze, my mind rewinding to 40 years ago. I remembered that stance and sigh, recognizing it as something my Auntie Gail used to do. Gail was hilarious, the best looking woman not just on the outside but inside as well. In fact Auntie Gail made her living as a Gloria Vanderbilt model, but her light came from her humor. This hilarious down to earth woman was a blessing to all an a hoot with the typical 'Newgent' curse of over the top in your face humor; she was electrifying. Auntie Gail thought clothes were optional and would tan naked in our backyard topless, and wave to the "boys," as she called them. My father would yell,

"Gail, for the love of Christ, put a shirt on."

She's waved my father on and set her attention to the 'Boys' as she called them sashaying to her sunning chair by the pool. She was the funniest person to be around and a gem for any child to cling to and laugh with. She was just a riot-she lived life to the fullest!

In 1979, Gail was murdered by a cult called Lifespring.


My Aunt Gail Renick


It shocks me that no matter how far we try to remove ourselves from where we come from, it never lingers far. No matter how much we deny or are embarrassed by who we are, it remains, and if we don't see it in ourselves, we see it in our children. Today I saw this firsthand!

Who we are is much more about where we come from than what we ever wanted to admit.


With Gail in my thoughts, I reached for my baby son and started kissing him on the top of his head. Of course, he got pissed because he'd just used half a bottle of gel on his hair. But I didn't care. At that moment, I was not only hugging my son. I was also hugging my aunt… I missed her.

I have often wondered why my understanding of the travesty of medically transitioning children constantly festers within, and it has to do with where I come from. I realized recently why.

It's success or death for me in this debate. If my passion shocks you, I suggest investigating why my vigor= is so deep! I come from a family of "Until People," as my grandad would say. I watched him relentlessly take on the cult that killed my aunt.

I was 7 when the phone rang in the middle of the right, followed by a bellow, a scream, and my mother hitting the side of the wall. It was the single worst feeling I ever felt in my entire life. I heard my grandad screeching on the phone, "My baby, my baby, my baby, they killed my baby!" I saw him wailing, I heard his guttural cries, but one thing I never saw Bill Newgent do was to give up. I am coming to understand that my Grandad was training me for what I am doing today, forty years later.

He told me as a child, "Kellie, when you find why you are roaming this earth when you realize the good you can do, you do that 'Until' no quitting!" The further I get with this activism to protect our children, the more I understand the strength of the childhood lessons he bestowed on me. His passion has fired my life. His intensity took on the cult that murdered his baby, "my baby," he would say. When I think about his words now, I see my babies, and I finally get it.

I wish he were here today so I could say, "I understand now, Grandad. I get 'Until.' I will do 'Until' too!"

Now, when I get overwhelmed and want to quit, I shut my eyes and imagine my aunt suffocating, not being able to breathe, and I imagine the man who took her breath away, causing her death. Grandad then comes to my mind, saying, "Get up, Kellie, it's not done, and you are an 'until' person; GET UP!"

I learned passion from my grandfather. He was an inspiring man; he never gave up, and he yanked me silly if I showed a weakness with the people I loved. He instilled an iron will in me that I didn't understand I needed - until now. All his lessons are playing out now at age 49.

His screams of ache about his child fuel me - for my children and yours. Never question yourselves, Parents: medical transition is not for kids!

Grab my hand. Join in with my SCREAMS!

These gender-confused kids need us to “Do Adulting Better.”

Make no mistake that gender ideology is a cult, never waver, never falter, stand firm and hold your babies near you and when you question lean on my passion and say loudly and with conviction

"Medical Transitioning Is No Place For A Child!"

Join Scott's SCREAMING

For you, Grandad --- #4UGrandadUntil

Love You & I Miss You Both,

- Kellie/Scott

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