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Parents Detrans Resources

TReVoices does not promote young detransitioners publicly for a reason. These young detransitioners? They are used and then thrown to the side after documentaries or articles die down, treated without care or concern, left emotionally raped once again! The carnage has filled into many of nights for me trying to help these young adults. Make no mistake you are creating carnage promoting these young detransitioners without love or care, just to win in activism. I take it personlally when you hurt these young adults. They have been through ENOUGH!

We do not promote detransitioners under 25 or over 25 and or detransitioned less than three years. We do this because the carnage created promoting, lifting these young detransitioners...causes damage ONCE again. Shame on you if you are using them too. If you are in jounalisem and need a story? Work for one wihttouy using anyone, truth me their is enough within this debate!

Under 25 is a no TOUCH for us at TReVoices because it goes both ways!

Please be gentle with these young detransitioners; they have been through enough. Please don't use them for your political agenda; they have been used and told they don't matter ENOUGH! They do matter here at TReVoices, and we act accordingly!

Us older trans? We can handle abuse better, send it our way, but leave these young kids under 25 ALONE!

Just care and love them!

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