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Get to know trans people, the real trans living day to day, what they believe, and how they feel. You will find that most older trans people believe what is happening to kids, and transgender ideology is hurtful. The media leaders you currently see do not represent most trans people.

Reality Is Not Bigotry

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Trans Man

Todd Whitworth

Todd is from Australia and can be seen and heard on social media. Todd is an avid lover of the water and has an outspoken voice that rings with reality yet is careful with love and respect for others.

Welcome to Two Blokes Float's Facebook page. Since 2013 Scott and Todd have been living aboard Railbird I, a 37' Sloop rig sailboat. After six years of sailing around the Salih Sea in BC we are on a new adventure. Sailing from Canada to warmer waters.




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Todd Whitworth

Scott Newgent

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