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Get to know trans people, the real trans living day to day, what they believe, and how they feel. You will find that most older trans people believe what is happening to kids, and transgender ideology is hurtful. The media leaders you currently see do not represent most trans people.

Reality Is Not Bigotry

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Trans Woman

Dr. Debbie Hayton - A Trans Activist Making Waves With Reason An Logic.

Physics teacher and trade unionist, originally from the north of England.

Dr Hayton has written extensively about what it means to be trans and how trans people can be accommodated in society without compromising the rights of other vulnerable groups.

Since 2016, she has been a vocal opponent of gender self-identification and supports laws that aim to protect women-only spaces based on anatomical sex rather than gender identity. She has spoken at meetings for Woman's Place UK, a "gender-critical" group. Hayton has written for The Times, The Economist, Quillette, The Spectator and UnHerd. She has also appeared on the BBC, Sky and GB News channels and was interviewed by the National Review.




Transgender Awareness Training

Additional Publications:

Times, Spectator, Unherd, RT, Morning Star, Economist, Quillette


Latest Work:

Bristol Uni issues a guide with terms including 'catgender': Debbie Hayton and Dr Jane Hamlin react

Dr. Debbie Hayton

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